Mazda MX-5 Miata Deuce style front bumper

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Mazda MX-5 Miata Deuce style front bumper

Will fit any mx-5 NA (mk1)
The listing is for front bumper only!

Grills are not included! Bumper comes in matte white or black finish! Please note that you might need some extra brackets in order to fit it nicely. It needs professional preparation and painting. We mostly make and sell these for autosports (drifting etc.) so they will need professional preparation  and painting in  order to be perfect 🙂


This item is available in Fiber Glass, please choose from the option list.

We have sold over 50 of these items and we only had very good feedback about the item quality and fit.

This item is a part of new Grams Styling StreetRace Series

All StreetRace Series products are made using high temperature curing technology which makes fiberglass products even stronger. You wont miss the parts from StreetRace Series – they usually have a bright Orange or Black inside color and are unique products on the market!

Please note: parts are finished in White / Black Gel-Coat up to your choice.

Also available in Real Carbon Fibre!

Made of finest quality fiberglass materials

Perfect Fit Guaranteed as we test-fit every part before production

All our fiberglass parts are lightweight, durable and strong

Fiberglass parts usually need preparation, painting and fitting

For any inquiries – email us!

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